Why A New Hetti Home


Why A New Hetti Home

Quality – Efficiency – Style – Comfort

Just what is the Hetti Group Difference? Even before you step into a Hetti home, you can see the attention to detail we put into how your home is constructed. No corners are cut to ensure symmetry in our exterior finishing.

Once inside, you will see and feel it’s extraordinary high quality, the detailed finish and superior common upgrades which includes:

  • Higher quality basement flooring and covering for a solid structure
  • Higher quality common flooring throughout the house that last much longer
  • High-efficiency heaters, plus we foil tape all duct work to keep power costs down

We take pride in providing homes that are built to provide you with the best designed living space for maximum living and entertaining. We do this by designing designs that offer you the most functional area. Hetti property owners delight in:

  • High ceiling heights on main floors
  • Bigger corridors
  • Larger bedrooms
  • Larger ensuite bathrooms
  • Larger walk-in closets for master bedrooms
  • Larger windows for brighter clearer views

You’ll love how very easy it is to buy a home from us that’s right for you. We will ensure that we deliver a home that will meet your needs. From your initial visit to our site to working with our sales team to our customer care team to final delivery of your home, we will ensure that you are well informed throughout the process.

In summary, the Hetti Group difference is about a commitment to building you a home with quality and style for your comfort and satisfaction. Even after your Hetti Home is delivered, our work isn’t done. We wish to make sure you’re happy long after you’ve moved in. We follow up with you 1 Month as well as one year after delivery to ensure you’re satisfied with your Hetti Home.

Come see for yourself at any one of our model homes.

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