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At Hetti Group, our vision has always been to build homes that last where you can form permanent happy memories. 

Since 2001, Hetti Group has been constructing new homes around Southern Ontario to give families, seniors, couples and single homeowners excellent quality at an economical price without compromising on design, style and comfort. We work on providing you the home that fits your lifestyle, now and into the future. 

No matter the style or size, our homes are where you can rejuvenate and relax, entertain friends or comfort each other in times of need. We understand that a home is not just a building but the right building can quickly be transformed into a home. It just needs your final touch.

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The best quality materials and the highest possible workmanship means you can see the difference.


From energy efficient heating to wider hallways to larger windows, you’ll feel the difference in a Hetti Home.


Sensible floor plans, attractive designs and premium upgrades helps make Hetti homes more livable.


The best quality materials and the highest possible workmanship means you can see the difference.

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Hetti Group Customer Care

You become part of the Hetti Group family when you invest in a Hetti home. Our homeowner care program starts the minute you purchase your home, and extends long after you move in.

We wish to make the experience of purchasing your new home enjoyable and exciting for all the right reasons. Here are just a number of the ways we accomplish that:

  • We’ll take you throughout the whole process of choosing the right fixtures and finishes and address all your concerns in the process.
  • As we pride ourselves on handing over your new home on schedule, our customer care staff will walk through the entire house with you to identify any details that need attention before you move in.
  • We’ll make sure you comprehend your new home warranty and the specific warranty dates as recommended by Tarion. We encourage you to contact us to go over any aspects of concern before sending any warranty issues.

All Brand New, Under Warranty
No worries or need of replacing a roof, appliances, kitchen countertops or a hot water heater as in a used home? These components in your new home come with the latest designs and construction materials and should deliver you years of comfort and satisfaction before requiring replacement.

Comfort and Indoor Air Quality
There are much more stringent standards and codes in place today that were not in effect previously. Today’s ventilation and air filtration systems are built with much more high performing energy efficiency. This results in better indoor air quality, draft free comfort all year round.

Community Amenities
Many new homes are built in well planned neighborhoods. Many new home communities also feature play areas, ponds and protected lands.

Energy and Cost Savings
Compared to homes built 5, 10 or 20 years ago, new homes built today are much more energy efficient. Most new homes today are built with double or even triple-pane windows. New high efficiency energy saving appliances can save you much more money in both summer and winter seasons.

Low Maintenance
New homes today are built with state-of-the-art materials and products that are designed and engineered to work and last longer with minimal maintenance. Another bonus is the newer layouts with higher ceilings and openness make maintenance much easier throughout the whole house.

Safety standards continually change and all new homes are built to these new standards. Beyond that, developers may include automatic garage door openers, state-of-the-art electric circuit breakers, high efficiency furnaces and air-conditioners, child safe cabinet mechanisms, carpets and paint that use safer materials and less volatile components.

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